Three must-have fitness fixers

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Workouts and sports can leave you sore - instead of reaching for an aspirin or medical kit you may want to have these simple four natural remedies on hand.

In addition to hot and cold packs, massages and getting plenty of rest you may want to stock up on arnica, tart cherry juice and compression clothes according to the April edition of Experience Life, a healthy living and fitness magazine.

Arnica, made from a flower, comes in many forms: gels, creams, tinctures and pills. It is best for combating soreness and bruises. And, many professional athletes use Traumeel ointment, a homeopathic herbal arnica-based rub. A 25g tube of arnica ointment by Waleda costs €6-7.25 and 50g of Traumeel is priced at €10.99.

Tart Cherry Juice, touted by researchers for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is a must-have before a big workout. Just drink a glass or two even the day before the workout to "minimize inflammation and significantly speed up muscle recovery." It is best to drink 100% natural tart cherry juices instead of powders or pills. Cherrypharm offers an option with a line of tart cherry juices available in a 24-pack case of 8oz (0.24L) bottles priced at $49.99 (€36.60). Another option is Knudsen's Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice 32oz (0.95) for $6.79 (€4.48).

Compression clothes, also known as functional fitness wear, may "keep your joints better aligned," improve performance, and prevent injury and post-exercise soreness. A biomechanist has been "studying the effects of compression tights with knee support for a garment company called Opedix," and has found "using tights that resist lateral motion of the lower leg and knee may prevent soreness and injury" plus the compression clothes can also aid to speed recovery afterward if not worn during a workout. Opedix has a line of items that range from knee-support systems, running and skiing tights to posture shirts with prices from $99.95-190 (€73.95-142).

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