Toilet position: squat not sit

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Squatting is a healthier way to go according to various researchers. Here are some products than can help you convert your toilet to accommodate your squat posture.

On August 26, the online magazine Slate provided a review of the health benefits of squatting that include shorter potty time, "'complete evacuation' of the colon, ridding our bowel of disease-causing toxins," and hemorrhoid prevention.

Here are some products that you might want to try for a natural way to respond to nature's calling:

Nature's Platform $144 (€113)
In-Lieu AUD 60-150 (€42-106)
Lillipad €129, or download a DIY squat platform plan for $9.50 (€7.50) at
Evaco toilet converter $75 (€59)
Sit Squat Toilet S$688 (€399.41) Watch how the Singaporean toilet converts from squat to sit: 

For more health insights on squatting check out these sites and books:

Gastroenterology: The small intestine, absorption and nutrition, the colon, peritoneum, mesentery, and omentum by Henry Bockus ($45/€35).
Full study, "Comparison of Straining During Defecation in Three Positions: Results and Implications for Human Health":
Abstract, "Influence of Body Position on Defecation in Humans":