Last week, elegant Bluetooth headset maker Jawbone announced its plans to launch a new health and fitness device - a wristband dubbed "functional jewelry." But Jawbone will have plenty of stiff competition. On July 14, mobile tech website Mobihealthnews cited its top portable devices in this hot new trend.

Jawbone's UP will feature a flexible wristband packed with vibration and motion sensors and wireless radio chips, to pair with a smartphone app. The device tracks and analyzes exercise, diet, and sleep data, providing users with tips on living a healthier life and challenges to help them get on the right track. No news on release date or pricing is yet available.

Other top wearable, portable devices aimed to track your movements and get you fit include the following:

Basis Band - Basis offers a wrist-worn device called Basis Band that measures the wearer's heart rate, caloric burn, and sleep patterns. Preorder for $199.

Fitbit - Get to know your daily habits with Fitbit, a small clip-on tracker that monitors your fitness and sleep patterns via its 3D motion sensor, similar to the one found in the Nintendo Wii. Price: $99.

DirectLife Activity Monitor - This small device takes in your every movement, even subtle ones, calculating how many calories you're burning. Slip in your pocket, or wear around your neck. Waterproof up to three meters below the water's surface. Price: $149.

BodyMedia FIT - This armband tracks user's caloric burn, activity levels, and sleep patterns, all with the mission to help you lose weight. The device connects to phones via Bluetooth or sends data directly to the cloud. Package prices range from $179.95-$259.

Affectiva Q Sensor - This wearable wireless biosensor gauges your moods and stress levels by measuring skin conductance, temperature, and motion. Price is around $2,000.

Digifit Ecosystem - Digifit offers a suite of apps and gadgets to help you track fitness and health data, including vitals, speed, cadence, power, and sleep patterns. The Digifit transceiver communicates with more than 80 ANT+ fitness sensors by using the Digifit Connect, a device that connects to iOS devices via a dock connector. Digifit Connect is priced $49.99.

Hitachi Life Microscope - This new watch-like device aims to keep a close eye on all your habits and movements. Details are scant but Hitachi reportedly unveiled the new device at an exhibit in Tokyo last week.

Adidas miCoach Pacer - This small, lightweight device delivers real-time audible coaching that syncs to your MP3 player while you work out. Measures your heart rate, distance, stride, calories burned, etc. Price: $139.

Nike+ - The Nike+ system tracks elapsed time of the workout, the distance traveled, pace and calories burned, and heart rate. The suite includes a Nike+ sports watch, shoe sensor, and heart rate strap. A smartphone app, powered by Motion X, does not require a separate sensor and sells for $1.99.