This week blogs and fitness sites are fired up about three trends to promote light-hearted workouts.

Do the Kangoo: Blogger describes a workout with Kangoo jumps (€199-259), a brand of boots needed for pogo jogging, as a childlike way to get fit. Think a mix of rollerblading and rebounding. ( Social Workout)

The Facebook Workout: A nine-minute workout for Facebook fiends with moves like the "computer march," "email, password and log-in," "poke", "Farmville twists" and "Friend accept/ignore." ( FitBottomedGirls

Meditative Urban Hikes: Droid-smartphone-enabled mapped hikes throughout New York City with "lookouts" for guided meditation. This psychogeography application and other trends are to be showcased at Conflux 2010, a festival of art, technology, and emotions in New York from October 8-10. ( ecoarttech)

Plus fitness products trending include:

The Shake Weight: a dumbbell that 'shakes,' promising to tone your arms so you don't have to. Think a Powerplate meets hand weight. ($26.95/€20) ( SimplyFitness)

Yurbuds: custom-fitted sweat-proof earphone enhancers created by a triathlete that are guaranteed not to fall out while you are working out; includes uploading an image of your ear. ($49.99/€37) ( mizzFit)

Bob Harper Contour Kettlebell
: a kettlebell weight to increase comfort and ease of use, the price varies by weight. ( mizzFit)

To learn more about Conflux, go to: