'10 hour flights with kids screaming, crying, or yelling while running up and down the aisles. Good times.'

From letting kids run wild in restaurants to screaming on long-haul flights, child-free people have revealed what they hate most about parents.

A Reddit discussion recently invited people to lay bare what annoys them most about parents.

The top-rated comment was from Smallekins, who wrote: “It annoys me when parents allow their kids to act like wild animals for whom the rules of basic human decency and manners do not apply”, particularly in restaurants.

Other users were fed-up with parents moralising about having children.

“Telling me that my life hasn't really started because I haven't had a kid yet,” wrote msblackeyeliner.

“'Ah yes," replied unclegriswold. "The old "you're selfish for living only for yourself’ argument."

One user complained of parents who express their love for their children on social media, but make little effort in real life.

“My sister won't stop talking about how blessed she is to have children on social media but does everything within her power to never have to actually be with them. Drives me crazy.”

Shoe-horning in children into the conversation was another complaint.

“I have a friend that makes every conversation about their kids even when it doesn't relate at all. 'Your dog died? My little one loves dogs! It's your birthday? I can't wait to celebrate my baby's birthday in 6 months! Tough day at work? You don't know what tough is until you're a mommy!’,” wrote one.

“Every time someone posts a sad story about a child she's overly dramatic about it too. ’Oh my god, I can't even imagine! It made me think about my baby and now I'm just crying in public!'”

Crying on transport was another apparent issue. “I have been on multiple 10+ hour flights where kids were screaming, crying, or otherwise yelling loudly while running up and down the aisles incessantly. Good times...,” said another user.

Sleepy_chipmunk simply wrote: “I don't want to hold your baby.”

Parents also chipped in with their two cents.

“Parent here,” said atworknotworking89. “Even worse is when I ask people if children are welcome at an event, and they say yes. Then I bring my kid and there is not another child in sight and people are in their fanciest outfits drinking martinis.

“You think I want to bring my kid to this event? No, I want to be drinking martinis like the rest of you, but you were too scared to hurt my feelings and now I’m stuck here with a toddler who is for sure going to annoy guests.”