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Your guide to 16 noseless sperm-saving seats

The 97th annual Tour de France is underway and although you are not competing, researchers have found it is important to think of your sperm before you decide to spin or cycle vigorously or for long periods of time.



The info site HealthyCycling.org explains that there is "extensive scientific and medical research indicating that the bicycle saddle is causing sexual health problem.  The cause of the problem has been isolated to the protruding nose of the saddle."

Many ride bikes daily for fitness (spinners, athletes), transportation and work (police, messengers); the most common complaint is numbness and it should not be ignored as it may lead to impotence and infertility not to mention heat friction in the genital region (a sperm-killer). 

Here are 16 noseless seats that offer a healthy alternative:

Bisaddle ($80-225/€64-180): http://www.bycycleinc.com

Comfort Saddle (£39.10/€31) http://www.comfortsaddle.com/index.cfm

DDWings ($94.99/€76)   http://www.ddwings.com

Easy Seat ($29.95/€24)  http://hobsonseats.stores.yahoo.net/easyseat.html

Easy Seat II ($59.95/€48) http://hobsonseats.stores.yahoo.net/easyseatii.html

Ergo, The Seat ($29.98-49.98/€24-40): http://www.ergotheseat.com/index.htm

ISM Sport ($84.95/€68): http://www.ismseat.com/products_sport.htm

ISM Tourist ($74.95/€60)   http://www.ismseat.com/products_touring.htm

Moon ($78.75/€63) http://www.moonsaddle.com

Real Seat ($90-100/€72-80) http://www.realseat.com

Revla Saddle ($55/€44) http://www.buyrevla.com

RideBall (€56-59.90) http://www.rideball.de

Schwinn No Pressure ($19.99/€15.95)

Spiderflex ($109.99/€160)   http://www.spiderflex.com

Spongy Wonder (€56.94-96.18): http://www.spongywonder.com

Un-saddle (€180): http://www.theunsaddle.com


Background info on saddle health and research:

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