Your skin should drink up kombucha

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Probiotics are healthy for your belly and have now found their way into natural skin care products with kombucha, best known as a fermented flat self-reproducing mushroom-like tea, being used in various formula to help make you healthy.

On September 7, the wellness blog Well + Good NYC highlighted that kombucha tea's yeast, sugar and bacteria makes it the ultimate "it" ingredient for a healthy glow, firmness, balanced pH and anti-aging.

It is also believed that kombucha's internal healing powers extend topically to treat acne, psoriasis and dry skin.

Here are some products to try:
Green Tea Kombucha Skin Renewal Remedy

EmerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser ($34/€27)

Juara uses Kombucha in their Sweet Black Tea products line which includes moisturizers, eye crème and lip treatment ($22-48/€17-38)

Marie Veronique Organics also makes a variety of products with kombucha including a Gentle Mist, Moisture Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Serum and Skin Lightening Serum ($30-140/€24-110)

Skyn Iceland's Arctic Brightening Serum ($65/€51)

Or, you might want to make your own kombucha and try it as a toner or drink, see how: and try eHow's Kombucha Skin Cream recipe: