Health: The Great 1998 Cannabis Quiz

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Just been invited round for Pot Noodles at the Straws? Then why not amaze the whole family with your pot knowledge. These fascinating snippets are sure to fill even the most embarrassing conversational pause. Please note, the quiz is only suitable for adults and those studying for a curfew violation.

Starter for 10:

1 Cannabis is derived from:

a An animal; b A mineral; c A bushy plant, Cannabis sativa, found wild in many parts of the world and easily cultivated in Britain

Well done, Keeble, your questions on Cannabis start now:

2 The most powerful psychoactive ingredient is:

a The tetrahydrocannabinols;

b Cannabis sulphate; c Louise Botting

3 Hashish is:

a The commonest form of cannabis in the UK; b Resin scraped or rubbed from the plant and compressed into blocks; c easily mistaken for a bogey

4 Marihuana is:

a Spelt incorrectly; b Stronger than resin but not as strong as dubin; c Dried plant material

5 Sinsemilla is:

a Derived from resin containing roots; b Derived from the flowering tops of unfertilised female plants; c Particularly strong

6 Cannabis can be:

a Smoked, drunk or eaten; b Injected; c Worn

7 Cannabis was first documented as a herbal remedy in:

a Luke 4 vs 7; b A Chinese pharmacy text in the first century AD; c Boots, Lowestoft, 1906

8 Cannabis:

a Is available on an NHS prescription for treating certain conditions (eg strangulated piles); b Was available on prescription until 1973; c Has never been prescribable on the NHS

9 The non-medical use of cannabis in Britain was prohibited:

a In 1902 after the Boer War; b In 1928 after Egyptian objections at an international opiate conference; c In 1958 by Harold Macmillan

10 In the UK, it is legal to cultivate cannabis:

a Never; b For decoration only; c If you have a Home Office licence

11 Your chances of getting a Home Office licence from Jack Straw are:

a Zero; b Less than zero; c Less than mine, because I'm a doctor and I can cultivate it for research purposes

12 Cannabis usage is greater than the national average by those who:

a Have experienced full-time further education; b Have ovaries; c Attend Age Concern luncheon clubs

13 Skunk weed is:

a Half cannabis, half dandelion; b A particularly strong home variety, grown from imported seeds; c Something I've made up to catch you out

14 If you're a quarter-of-an-ounce-of-resin-a-day person, you're:

a All over the place; b A sissy; c On about a joint an hour round the clock

15 While intoxicated, a user may do less well on tasks requiring:

a Short-term memory; b Concentration; c Manual dexterity

16 The risk of fatal overdose is:

a Virtually nil; b Between 1 and 2 per cent; c 5 per cent

17 Long-term use of cannabis has been linked with:

a Nothing definite; b Lung cancer; c BSE

18 At street level, if you paid pounds 50 an ounce for herbal and pounds 14.25 a quarter of an ounce for resin, you'd be:

a Getting it at retail prices

b Ripped off

c Very careful

19 What is a Camberwell carrot?

20 Who said, "Today there are those who see in society's attitude to drug taking the opportunity for questioning traditional values and social judgements of all kinds... This seems to be the real challenge of soft drugs, and it is growing... It is time to make clear that teenage drug taking is ill-advised, if not dangerous to personality and health":

a Jack Straw; b Michael Howard; c Alice Bacon, Home Office Minister 1967

Correct answers:

1c, 2a, 3abc, 4c, 5bc, 6ac, 7b, 8b, 9b, 10c, 11bc, 12a, 13b, 14ac, 15abc, 16a, 17a, 18ac,

19 a 12-skinned amalgamation of a toilet roll and an ice-cream cone stuffed with dope, invented by Danny from `Withnail and I', 20c