Over the last two months Relaxnews have been following the best selling toys and games around the world on amazon.com and its regional subsidiaries. With Christmas almost here some toys have proved consistently popular whilst others have shot up the rankings only to then disappear; below is a roundup of the toys and games which have proved the most consistently popular around the world.

USA - l S107 Mini Indoor RC Remote controlled Helicopter -Syma .

Without a doubt this remote controlled helicopter from Syma has been one of the best selling toys on amazon.com over the last two months. The 19.05cm (7.5 inch) helicopter has consistently topped the best sellers list and rarely dropped below third position - making it likely to be one of the hottest toys in the states this year. The miniature flying machine needs no assembly and can be charged from a USB cable or from the controller, it is suitable from children over 3 years old and is designed for indoor use only.

UK- Bananagrams Game- Winning Moves

This novel word game by Winning moves doesn't require a pen paper or even a board. Sold in a soft banana shaped case the game has proven one of the best selling toys and games on amazon.co.uk over the last two months and is suitable for younger children with a basic grasp of vocabulary and spelling. The toy bucks the 'hi-tech' children's toy trend as seen in other countries and instead is marketed around the idea of 'fun for all the family'.

France- Bey Blades -Hasbro  

Though not strictly one single toy, Bey Blade related products have again and again dominated the top three rankings on amazon.fr. The toys are essentially modernized spinning tops and are inspired by the popular animated TV series 'BeyBlade'  , a variety of Bey Blade themed toys and accessories are available including a stadium in which players can 'battle' their Bey Blades against each other.

Germany - Schlag den Raab! Das Spiel - Ravensburger

For a while the German best selling toys list was very fluid, early popular favorites include Lego advent calendars and games, however over the last three weeks a clear favorite emerged in the form of 'Schlag den Raab! Das Speil'.  Translated as 'Beat the Star! The game' this board game is based around a popular television series of the same name that tests players wits, knowledge and reaction times, a version of the television series is also popular in the United Kingdom.

Japan - ?????? OOO ( ??? ) ????? DX ????????

Roughly translated as 'Heisei Kanmen Rider's belt' this product has proved consistently popular, never dropping below the number two spot on the amazon.co.jp best sellers list. The toy is inspired by the popular anime series and card game  'Heisei Kamen Riders' , children wearing this utility belt can insert different colored discs to 'transform' into any member of the Heisei Kamen Riders. Other 'Heisei Kamen Rider' products include a short sword and a variety of discs for use in the belt.