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THE POSH coffee outlet was the first thing. Outside the store, not in, but smelling alluring, it had all the usual pseudo-Italian nonsense that makes us want to spend pounds 1.50 on milky froth. Striding past on the ground floor I did indeed turn right without thinking about it, ending up in the ladies department upstairs.

As predicted, the displays were facing outwards into aisles wide enough to drive a bus through. I was slightly startled to be greeted with a friendly "Good morning" and a smile by the saleslady in the Principles concession - but full marks for not asking if she could help me.

I picked out a skirt a size too small and made for the changing rooms. The store hasn't yet reached the dizzy heights of magazines but there was plenty of room and my nice saleslady managed to find me a skirt that actually fitted. But I didn't buy it, yah boo and ner ner ner, even though I'd been in the shop more than the 11 and a half minutes! I am, however, wondering whether to go back and buy the skirt this weekend.