A Day That Shook The World: John F. Kennedy assassinated

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On 22 November at approximately 12.30pm the thirty-fifth President of the United States John F. Kennedy was shot during a public parade in Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy was sitting beside his wife Jackie in the back of an open top limousine waving to the crowds greeting them when a sniper opened fire.

Texan governor John Conally and his wife were in the front of the car. Conally was hit by the same bullet that travelled right through Kennedy, sustaining a critical chest wound but later surviving.

The motorcade sped to a local hospital where doctors operated on the president, but he was pronounced dead 25 minutes after arrival.

News of his assassination sent shockwaves around the world. This British Pathe newsreel (see video) from the time shows the stricken faces of the crowds in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

The presidential limousine was passing the Texas School Book Depository building when three shots rang out.

After four government investigations Lee Harvey Oswald was found responsible for the president’s death.

Oswald denied the killing to police, having been arrested at the scene, but was murdered before he could stand trial.

Conspiracy theories as to the reason for Kennedy’s assassination are all over the internet.