On 20 November 1992 the home of the British monarchy for nearly 1,000 years burst into flames destroying nine rooms, injuring one and risking priceless artworks.

Prince Edward who was resident when the fire took place described the “Shock and horror” of seeing Windsor Castle ablaze.

Located just 30 miles west of London, smoke from the huge fire hovered over the capital’s horizon.

The fire started in the Queen’s private chapel when a curtain that was pressed up against a spotlight burst into flames.

It caused an estimated £37 million of damage and took months to restore the palace, in particular the St George chapel, to its former glory.

Palace staff worked quickly to remove the vast collection of artworks and other valuable possessions from the path of the flames.

The Queen visited the shell of the palace a day after the fire. Photographs show her stricken face as fire fighters lead her around the blackened palace ruins.

The British Pathe news report (above) is a snapshot of the devastating fire which rocked the country and risked one of Britain's major tourist attractions.

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