An unexpected pimple can be easily taken care of in Hollywood

If you have ever woken up to a massive spot, smack bang on the centre of your nose the morning of an event, you are going to be jealous of the service Peter Kopelson provides.

Dr Kopelson, 54, is a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist who caters to the rich and famous. A recent profile for the New York Times tells how an unidentified "movie star” had a pimple on his nostril days before the Academy Awards where they would be presenting an award.

The actor made his way to Dr Kopelson’s practise where he received a syringe filled with lidocaine and cortisone to get rid of the spot. 

Though Dr Kopelson could not “ethically” reveal who he treats, the paper indicated his client list is certainly impressive. The Entourage actor Kevin Connolly said he treats his visits to Dr Kopelson are just like going to the dentist.


The doctor-to-the-stars, whose specialisms are cosmetic procedures and laser treatments according to Vanity Fair, also said his dermatology services also extend from treating and clearing spots as nowadays people care much more about parts of their body that were previously placed under no grand importance.

“People are much more conscious of every aspect of their appearance,” he said. “Take hair removal. Suddenly, straight men are really into getting hair removed from around their genitals. I, personally, don’t really get it, but I think they’re being pushed by their wives.”