It is not unknown for you to utter the occasional expletive, and if your horoscope is anything to go by, the air around you this week will at times be blue. But there is one four-letter word you don't want to hear. That word is work. It seems that no matter how hard you try, you just can't please your colleagues or employers. Perhaps a few expletives in their direction would help your cause. But, then again, perhaps not.

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Focus on what you enjoy most, regardless of whether or not it has a practical application. Some will say that you are irresponsible; others that you are wasting your time and talents. So what? If the doom-mongers have got it right, the world as we know it is pretty much on its last legs so why bother being responsible? Ask yourself this: if it all had to end tomorrow would you spend your last 24 hours in the office?

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The opinions you have today may be different to the opinions you had yesterday, and will certainly be different to the opinions you have tomorrow but at least you are consistent - you always change your mind! Strangely, this sends some people into paroxysms of fury, and you will enjoy watching faces turn from pink to purple as you change your mind again this week. It's the little things that make life worth living.

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Others may say you have taken leave of your senses - and perhaps you have - but only a complete change of direction will satisfy your craving for a more dynamic way of life. Travel and social opportunities abound, but don't jump at the first chance you get to escape. A midweek break could be exciting, but it will also be costly if you insist on travelling first class all the way. What happened to the romance of roughing it?

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This should be a fortunate week for you, the kind of week when you can do no wrong, when even your most glaring mistakes look like successes. Next week you may not be quite so fortunate, and the week after that, well, let's just say it might be best not to look that far ahead. So make the most of it and make sure you get your share of the good things in life - and someone else's share if they don't appear to want it.

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The truth may be out there but it is getting harder to find among the fantasies and the forgeries. There is no way of knowing for certain if what you are told this week is the plain and simple truth or a cleverly constructed web of deceit. So reserve judgment until you know all the facts. But be careful, don't dig too deeply unless you are prepared to be shocked by what you find. Maybe the facts have been buried for a reason.

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Things are about to happen; things you had not expected; things that are unlikely to have you jumping for joy. But everything happens for a reason, and if fate decides to make life tough it can only be because you need to toughen up. It would appear that some people are under the impression that you are a soft touch. The way you behave over the next seven days will go a long way toward changing that opinion.

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If God had wanted you to be flexible, He would not have given you a backbone. That's your way of looking at it, anyway, and you change your way for no one. No matter how strong the opposition, no matter how overwhelming the odds, you won't budge an inch this week. Your stand may be heroic but is it really necessary? Some battles are worth fighting; others make you look ridiculous. Save yourself for a worthy enemy.

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Easygoing you may be; easily duped you most certainly are not. What you are told may sound convincing but deep inside your head little alarm bells will start ringing and you know better than to ignore them. The more someone tries to convince you of the "facts" this week the more you should keep your distance. What looks like a fact to them looks suspiciously like a fantasy to you - and not the kind you will enjoy.

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You like a challenge and from the look of your horoscope you are about to get one. In fact, this could be one of the most important weeks of the year for you, especially if you are the kind of Capricorn who likes to be noticed. But make sure you play within the rules or you may be noticed for all the wrong reasons. If you cut corners or use unethical tactics you are sure to be found out. Act as if people are watching.

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This week's planetary aspects will spark your sense of adventure. You will seek out people who excite you, and places that are out of the ordinary or off the beaten track. In fact, if you have as much fun as your solar chart suggests, you could find yourself carousing with some dark and dangerous types. But no harm will come to you as long as you remember the golden rule: always pay for your round.

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Instead of blaming fate for making a mess of things, you should ask yourself why your best-laid plans went belly up. Perhaps they weren't as brilliant as you thought they were; perhaps there was an important factor you failed to take into account; perhaps your guardian angel decided to protect you from the consequences of your actions. Whatever the reason, there is a lesson to be learned if you can be bothered.

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