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FOLLOWING the announcement of an independent inquiry into Alder Hey Children's Hospital, it emerged that several other NHS Trusts have also removed organs from dead children without their parents' knowledge.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool

Has taken 2,087 hearts from children over a 40-year period and removed other organs from at least 200 children between 1988 and 1995. Most post mortems were carried out at the coroner's request but there are concerns that organs may have then been retained without the coroner's knowledge. The hospital has launched its own internal investigation and the Government has also announced an independent inquiry but parents want a full public inquiry.

Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust, includes Royal Victoria Hospital

Occasionally takes organs and tissue from children but says the same consent form has been used for 13 years. It indicates that the hospital will take tissue, part of or the whole organ for treatment of other patients and for medical research.

Kings Healthcare Trust, London, includes King's College Hospital

Has a small number of organs that have been either donated or retained with the consent of patients, otherwise organs are always returned to the body when a post mortem is carried out.

Southampton General Hospital, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Admits organs had been taken from children without the knowledge of the parents but says doctors did not remove entire organ systems. Has a small amount of hearts and brains because it is a research centre for CJD and Alzheimer's disease. Changed its policy earlier this year and is now waiting for new guidance.

Hammersmith Hospitals Trust

Previously pursued a policy of removing organs without the knowledge of relatives but changed procedures several years ago and now only removes organs after obtaining permission.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, including Leeds General Infirmary and St James' Hospital

Admits organs have been removed from some children without their parents realising what the consent form meant but says consent forms were changed earlier this year following the Bristol Heart Inquiry to clarify that, if signed, organs could be retained.