TICK whether the following statements are True or False:

1 I would be perfectly happy for the mother of my children to be earning more than me. True/False

2 I believe that couples should divide domestic chores more or less equally between them. True/False

3 I am much less likely to feel attracted to a woman at a party if she makes it obvious she is trying to pick me up. True/False

4 If a woman drinks on a date and allows herself to end up alone with a man, at his place or hers, after midnight, it is not unreasonable to assume she would not mind if kissing, possibly petting, followed. True/False

5 What I enjoy about my favourite game is playing it, I am less worried whether I win or lose. True/False

6 I would have no difficulty in crying in front of my best male friend. True/False

7 Men use love to get sex; women use sex to get love. True/False

8 I definitely prefer 'feminine women' - soft, welcoming, curvy women, who make me feel masculine. True/False

9 There is no reason why a boss and his secretary should not have a relationship if they are both attracted to each other. True/False

10 When it comes to sex, the size of a man's penis does not matter. True/False

11 If a close male friend cried in front of me, I would not be embarrassed. True/False

12 Losing to my partner or girlfriend in a game where I rate myself as superior to her would not bother me. True/False

13 Most men would be able to tell the difference between a woman indicating sexual encouragement, and when she is just being friendly. True/False

14 I like the idea that men can be sex objects for women these days, as well as vice versa. True/False

15 In most households it seems reasonably fair that men should take reponsibility for things like household repairs and women do most of the cleaning and clothes washing. True/False

16 I believe a man should provide for his family. True/False

17 It is unfair for women to claim that men are only interested in sex. True/False

18 I fancy Marilyn Monroe far more than Madonna. True/False

19 The affair between Cecil Parkinson and Sarah Keays must have been an abuse of his power as an employer to some extent. True/False

20 I have never worried about the size of my penis. True/False

Score one point if your answers are the same on the following: 1 and 16, 2 and 15, 3 and 14, 4 and 13, 7 and 17, 9 and 19, 10 and 20

Score one point if your answers differ on the following: 5 and 12, 8 and 18, 6 and 11

And what your scores mean:

0 You may be confused, but you have learned not to show it

1-3 You are merely averagely prone to confusion

4-5 You are confused in some areas - look at the pattern in your answers

5-7 You are very confused. Keep away from women until you have explained your confusion to a therapist.

8-10 Your life must be a nightmare. You are a walking bunch of contradictions bordering on the schizophrenic.

Questions set by Oliver James, clinical psychologist

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