How much alcohol do we consume?

We asked five people to keep a drinks diary for five days. Recommended limit: three units a day (men), two (women)
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STEVE PARKER, journalist, 29, and Emily Frankish, design and photography student, 24

Friday: on a train from Bath to the Midlands next to screaming children, so we needed a gin and tonic each. BR then ran out of gin so we followed it with a vodka and tonic each. That evening in the pub with my brother and a friend, I had five pints of Theakston's XB bitter. Emily drank three glasses of dry white wine and two Southern Comfort and lemonades. We then headed for Applejack's nightclub, where I had two- and-a-half pints of Boddingtons and a large Jack Daniel's and coke. Emily had two whisky and cokes, and half my third pint of Boddingtons. Back home, I had one beer.

Saturday: visited my nan for a large glass of Bell's. Spent the evening with my nephews, playing cards, and drank a bottle of Fitou. Emily visited friends and drank around two bottles of Sainsbury's red.

Sunday: one-and-a-half glasses of red wine and a glass of port with lunch. In the evening, went to a pub quiz. I had five pints; Emily had five glasses of white wine. Home for a bottle of lager each.

Monday: not much today. One gin and tonic each on the train back to Bath, plus two bottles of Carlsberg Ice Lager each with a takeaway.

Tuesday: two pints of Indian lager in the local curry house, Emily had one. We opened two bottles of Fitou when we got home, but we didn't manage to finish the second one.

I don't think this is an excessive amount to drink. If you average it out, it's around five pints a night. I'm vegetarian and I don't smoke, so I think I'm quite healthy really.

Total: Steve 59 units Emily: 39 units HARRY HILL, comedian, 30, currently appearing in the Pub Internationale tour Saturday: it was Matt Bradstock's 30th birthday so we went to the Ritz for cocktails, which sounds a bit wanky, I know. I had a Bloody Maryand two gin and tonics.Then about a bottle of red wine in an Italian restaurant.

Sunday: show at the Lyric. During the show I have to drink two cans of Boddingtons. Afterwards, red wine in the dressing-room - you know how it is when people come backstage. Home for a can of Budweiser.

Monday: a glass of port before bed, alone. Alone, both the drink and the bed, I mean.

Tuesday: went to see As You Like It. Had a pint of lager in the pub, came back for a half of Grolsch in the interval, and a pint of Guinness afterwards.

Wednesday: two pints of Boddingtons in front of the telly. I used to be a doctor so I'm well aware of the benefits and dangers of drinking. I used to drink at medical school, but only socially, which means I'd go out and get drunk with my friends every night. I only started drinking alone when I qualified. I don't think I drink too much. I don't drink at lunchtime and I only drink in the mornings to stop myself shaking.

Total: 27 units CLAIRE, school teacher, 34

Friday: half a bottle of white wine with supper at home.

Saturday: two bottles of Pils in front of the television.

Sunday: nothing.

Monday: nothing.

Tuesday: one glass of white wine after work with a friend. Then on to mineral water.

I'm sure that this must seem like a disappointing total but it's all I can cope with these days. I just daren't have anything before a working day. I don't really miss it.

Total: six units JIM, businessman, 56

Friday: lunchtime: three pints of bitter in the pub near my office. Evening, at my social club, two pints of bitter, then Scotch. I'm not sure quite how many, maybe six.

Saturday: gardening this afternoon; freezing cold, so I took my hip flask for the odd nip to keep me warm. About a couple of doubles in total. Out at the club with friends; two pints, then four Scotches.

Sunday: family Sunday lunch so we opened some red wine. I had four glasses. Quiet evening on Sunday; sipped just a couple of measures in front of the TV.

Monday: business lunch. Double gin and tonic followed by a third share of two bottles of red wine, then a brandy. It's part of business; you can't entertain people on coffee and biscuits. Nothing at all Monday evening.

Tuesday: lunch in the pub, just the one pint. A couple of Scotches in front of the telly.

I'd prefer you not to use my name as my wife thinks I drink far too much. In fact I drank a lot more 20 years ago when I was a policeman.

I don't think I'm an excessive drinker. I feel perfectly well, I gave up smoking years ago. I should think my innards are perfectly preserved in alcohol by now anyway.

Total: 45 units