How much fish do you eat?

OPINIONS Spain's fishing war with Canada has strained Britain's links with the EU
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ANTON EDELMAN, executive chef, The Savoy hotel: I love fish and have it every day. My favourite is eel but I also love scallops, turbot and mackerel.

CHLOE, aged 8: Fish, yuck! I hate it. I once had a fish burger in McDonalds and it was gross, all this horrible watery stuff came dripping out.

DAVID FISHBURN, salesman: I can cope with the ones that come in big meaty chunks, but small ones are gruesome - especially shellfish. I won't eat anything that doesn't have a skeleton.

EDWARD ORIANO, Spanish restaurateur: I eat all fish except skate. Skate lives in harbours feeding off gunge and it tastes of what it eats.

LUCY FISHER, secretary: I hardly touch it. I don't mind fish pie, where it's all nicely disguised in cheesy sauce. Skate is revolting - all those jelly bones in it are vile - and so's whitebait, when you scrunch up their little heads.

SYLVIA TROUT, property consultant: In the summer I prefer it to meat, which is so greasy. My favourite fish is halibut because it's a deep sea fish and it's not contaminated by pollutants; and bass, which I usually steam with ginger.

JOHN HANCOCK, Grimsby trawlerman: I eat fish three times a week. There's no fish I don't like. My favourites are haddock, battered or boiled, monk fish in wine, and sole, grilled. I'm on the Canadian side in this fish war.

CLIVE SMITH, fishmonger: I have it a couple of times a week. My favourites are fried cod and baked salmon. I don't like boney fish - herring is the worst - I can't be bothered to take the bones out.

CHARLIE BRYAN, student: None at all. I just hate the smell and the taste, though I went through a fish finger phase when I was a child.

FLIPPER, London Zoo penguin: I eat sprats and nothing else - usually about 40 a day, except when I'm moulting.