We asked boarding kennels how much they would charge to look after a rottweiler and a Yorkshire terrier in August. All figures are per day EDINBURGH Candidacasa Rottweiler pounds 5.35, Yorkie pounds 4.65; pounds 8.50 for both if in the same kennel

ESSEX Isadene Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Basildon: pounds 10.50 each.

Sorata, Chelmsford: pounds 11 for both .

HAMPSHIRE Gay Dog, Basingstoke: Rottweiler pounds 7, Yorkie pounds 6.

HERTFORDSHIRE, Woodlands, near Gatwick Rottweiler pounds 7, Yorkie pounds 5.50; pounds 12.50 for both ("Problem dogs welcome')

LONDON Animal Fair of Kensington Rottweiler pounds 12, Yorkie pounds 8.95, pounds 19 both. Plus pounds 26 there-and-back delivery service to the kennels in Buckinghamshire

NORTHUMBERLAND: Gunnerton Boarding Kennels, near Hexhampounds 9.25 for both. Will also look after budgies, gerbils, rabbits, etc, for about pounds 1 a day

Kind Care Boarding Kennels, East Ardsley Rottweiler pounds 4.75, Yorkie pounds 4.75; pounds 8.55 for both.

YORKSHIRE: Paws A While Kennels, Bempton Rottweiler pounds 4.55, Yorkie pounds 3.90; pounds 8.45 both

Paddipaws Pet Hotel, Leeds: Rottweiler pounds 5 per day, Yorkie pounds 3.50 per day; pounds 7.50 for both .

SURREY Suchfun Boarding Kennels, Nutfield, near Redhill: Rottweiler pounds 6.50, Yorkie pounds 5.50

Treetop, Guildford: pounds 15 for both.