Editor of 'World of Interiors' which she launched in 1981

Where do you live? In a London square (in Knightsbridge), in a flat full of things I have collected; big things, not knicky knacky knoos; mostly French and English from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Who do you live with? I live alone and I have no pets; I would love pets but I live on the fourth floor

What do you wear? I buy both unbelievably cheap and unbelievably expensive clothes, I buy the occasional Yves Saint Laurent or Valentino, never Armani because unfortunately, I don't fit them. I've had most of my clothes for 20 years.'


Editor of 'Elle Decoration' which she launched in 1989

Where do you live?

I live just off the Gray's Inn Road, which I suppose you'd call Bloomsbury. It's a flat, clean and white, furnished with a great big sofa and well- worn modern classics. It's simple, with various textures in it - lovely tactile fabrics, a wooden floor, and no curtains, to maximise the light.

Who do you live with? I live with my dog, William, a shaggy mongrel I've had for some time.

What do you wear? I like to mix quality things with things I find at markets or in the High Street. I'm not very good in the mornings, so I tend to dress in one colour, as it's easier that way. I usually go for trousers, and I love great shoes, since once you've got the shoes on, the rest just falls together.


Editor of 'Esquire' magazine

Where do you live? In Westbourne Grove. I'm a hoarder and my house is full of books and magazines, tennis rackets, kids' school kits, the dog's bones. The dining room is fuchsia pink, the bathroom is yellow and the kitchen ceiling is green, John Pawson [minimalist architect responsible for some Jigsaw and Calvin Klein stores] would be ill in my house.

Who do you live with? My 13-year-old daughter Daisy and our dog Bingo who is from Battersea dogs' home. The nanny and her husband also live with us, together with the odd cousin or two of mine who tend to be staying, there's never less than five or six people staying at any one time.

What do you wear? I've been collecting Issey Miyake pleated things for a while. I also like Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein. Beyond that it's usually M&S, Gap and Oxfam.


Editor of 'Arena'

Where do you live? In a Georgian house on one of the busiest roads in south London. The house is more like a building site, it's half renovated and filled with my son's toys and the odd bit of furniture.

Who do you live with? My partner Tracey [Tracey Brett, Managing Editor at GQ] and our son Jackson who is 14 months old and totally fantastic. We haven't got any pets but next door's ginger cat tends to be around.

What do you wear? My wardrobe has to be very functional these days because most of my clothes tend to get covered in puke. My clothes are a mixture of high street stuff like Gap T-shirts and Jigsaw knitwear with Nigel Curtis or Paul Smith suits.