The Knack: Root through her drawers first to check for size, advises singer Gina G
"My boyfriend won't buy lingerie for me because he wants to be surprised! But if you want to buy lingerie for your girlfriend, go to Agent Provocateur in London - I think it's the best lingerie shop in the world. I've picked up some nice stuff from Gossard, but Agent is a bit more risque and different. Keep away from Ann Summers - it's a bit tacky! If you get the chance, go into your girlfriend's knicker drawer and steal some lingerie so you get the right size. Walk straight into the shop and say, "I need help" because the shop assistant will probably know what a lady would feel most comfortable in. If you are nervous, say you want to buy a present for your girlfriend's birthday, rather than for a romp! Always buy a matching set - bra and knickers. Black's good but a bit ordinary. I like really strong colours, so I'd go for red or blue or a pattern, like leopard. I'm really into lingerie: it's a very important part of a relationship. After being with someone for a few years, the sex life can get quite dull - and this is a great way of spicing it up. Obviously, keep the receipt because, if it doesn't fit or she doesn't like it, you can always go and choose something else together. Lingerie has got to be presented well - usually they wrap it up in the store, but if not, wrap it up nicely with bows - oh, and the Cartier watch!"

Gina G, pop singer, launched the Gossard `G Bra'