how to: choose a browser

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These reviews are by .net magazine for Mac and Windows. Browsers are also available for other systems. Where an ftp address is given, type it exactly as shown into the "Go to" box on a Web browser.

Netscape Navigator 1.1N or 1.2N: this is the best available (except perhaps for version 2.0, not yet reviewed). The pages load twice as fast as other browsers, and you can scroll through a page before it is fully loaded. This means that you can always duck out early if it is not exactly what you want. It also supports HTML2 and HTML3 commands, which allow you to see coloured texts and backgrounds, as well as tables. Mac and Windows versions are also available. The PC navigator has more features, including the ability to "cut and paste" copy. Go to

NCSA Mosaic 2: can be tricky to set up all its features. Loading is rather slow. Mosaic is being constantly upgraded, though. The Mac version is better han the PC one. Free for private use. Download using ftp://ftp. 200B12.68K.hqx (for Macs). Or ftp:// (for Windows).

MacWeb: for Macs. Easy to use, but not particularly fast or advanced. Free for private use. macweb/macweb.latest.sea.hqx.

TCP/Connect2: for Macs. Not a particularly advanced browser, but comes as part of an easy-to-use package. pounds 139 from Unipalm Pipex. (Telephone: 01223 250120)

WebSurf: for Windows. Easy to use, and has some features Netscape does not - including a "cache" allowing you to save Web pages to view later. As part of the complete Chameleon package. (Telephone: 01483 302333)

AIR Mosaic: for Windows. An enhanced and faster version of Mosaic. Sold as part of Internet in a Box at pounds 119. (Telephone: 01628 819444)

WinWeb: for Windows. Simple, free and does not use much disk space. Free for private use.

Cello: for Windows. Slow, but will run on less powerful 386 computers. Free. ftp://

Enhanced NCSA Mosaic: for Windows and Mac. Slow, but has a clean look. Supplied with the Mosaic Handbook, pounds 25.85. (Telephone: 0171-497 1422)

Superhighway Access WinTapestry: for Windows. Has a useful on screen catalogue where you can list your favourite Web pages alphabetically. Otherwise, average. Comes as part of an all-in-one kit. (Telephone: 0181- 399 3111)