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Recruiting for the 21st Century Careers Fair has been organised to help get you the job you deserve in an increasingly competitive job market. In order to maximise this opportunity, it is worth spending some time considering your approach to the day. Be organised and well prepared, using the following checklist to help you:

Be objective about the type of work you are seeking, and clear why you would be good at it

Companies attending the Careers Fair are listed on the floor plan (available on the day). Target those companies that offer work you are interested in

Give good explanations about what attracts you to a particular company, and why you are interested in the position they have to offer

You will have only a short time to make an impact with the potential employer; be confident, enthusiastic and specific about what you are looking for, and ask well-thought-out questions

Bring copies of your CV with you!

Before you leave a stand, make a note of the name and job title of the person you talked to - it will provide a useful follow-up contact

If you are asked to complete an application form by an employer, don't fill it in in a hurry. A completed application form could take you at least an hour to write. It may be best to complete the form at home and then post it. This way you will spend as much time as possible talking to potential employers at the fair


Recruiting for the 21st Century provides you with an excellent opportunity to find a suitable position following graduation. You can use the Careers Fair to:

Find out about vacancies currently on offer

Talk direct to employers to get a valuable insight into their companies, and what they look for in potential recruits

Use the opportunity to test out your marketability: your potential value in the workplace