Wealthy men want women they can be proud of, says Countess Bienvenida Sokolow
Fly first class. If you can't afford first, take the front row in economy. Once, coming from Dallas, a wealthy man saw me in economy and invited me to dinner in first class. Call an estate agent, say you want to invest pounds 3 million in a mansion. Make sure the owners are in and wear an elegant dress - when people sell, it's often because they are divorcing. Wealthy men want women they can be proud of, so look the part. Appear to be his equal: never order caviar in a restaurant - you'll look like a poor little girl who never gets the chance to enjoy it. Flatter him - say you want his advice and ask him out for lunch, never dinner. Give him a chance to show his feathers and then let him make the moves. Have a degree of intelligence - men of power have a high level of intellect. Never talk about your problems - powerful men have enough of their own and are selfish. Don't issue ultimatums, make him invest time and money - then he'll have to marry you! Go for big investments - like a penthouse - you can sell it if things don't work out. I caught a few millionaires when I was single, but the first man I married didn't have a penny, and my second

husband is well-off but not a millionaire. One moves on, and I married for other things

Countess Bienvenida Sokolow, formerly Lady Buck, is the author of `Bienvenida: the Making of a Modern Mistress', published by Smith Gryphon, at pounds 17.99