You have to fight back

One of the most-widely shared images from the horrendous terror attack in London on Saturday night was of a man fleeing whilst clutching his pint, being careful not to spill a drop.

He became an icon and a symbol of the capital city’s spirit.

People made jokes about the man’s commitment to his drink, showing defiance in the face of the attack.

But even if the man was just keen to finish his drink, it turns out he was actually doing the right thing for his safety.

According to an ex-SAS officer, arming yourself with a pint could help you survive a terrorist knife attack.

60-year-old John Geddes spent 14 years in the elite special forces unit.

He says that throwing any liquid on an attacker - be it hot or cold - could give you a better chance of survival. He also recommends hitting them in the head with a briefcase, or using a pub garden umbrella or stool as a weapon.

Geddes believes the best approach to take when faced with an attacker is to team up with people around you and work together to overpower them.

The worst tactic, according to Geddes, is to stay unarmed on the floor.

“They have to become momentarily medieval and fight in a group. You have to pick up whatever is around and throw it,” he said.

“You can only run so far and so fast – and for some people that isn’t an option, so you have to fight.”

Everyday items could make the difference between living and dying.

“What you should do depends on how the situation presents itself but for the normal person taking on a knife with your bare hands they’ve got no chance,” Geddes said.

If you’re in a restaurant, he recommends throwing knives, forks, chairs, bottles and even a table at an attacker: “They bleed the same as you – they are only human.”

“A pint pot – we all know the damage some idiot in the pub can do with that. That’s what people have to do collectively to defeat these perpetrators.

“Cold drinks are good too. Just throw them in his face, especially if they come in a good volume like a beer. Liquid – of any sort – in the face is a big impediment to action.

“For a moment you have to become a group of football hooligans. The very worst thing you can do is hide on the floor in the proximity of the attacker. If that’s what you do then you are going to be stabbed and shot.”

And you should attack from behind, aiming for the head or face.

Geddes also revealed he believes people must have fought back in the attack over the weekend: “I heard one example of a man in the London attack talking about how he took them on with bottles and chairs and glasses.

“I suspect with the number of attackers and the number of people who were attacked, it will have happened more than once.”

Geddes’ tips come from his book Be A Hero: The Essential Guide to Active Shooter Incident, co-written with Alun Rees, which is published on August 1.