Hunger stickers mark invasion of Cyprus

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Hunger strikers are entering the sixth week of a central London vigil to protest at the Turkish invasion of Cyprus 20 years ago, writes Helen Nowicka.

The group, who take it in turns to fast, seek the return of land which fell under Turkish control in 1974, and information about people who disappeared during the hostilities. They claim 1,619 people disappeared when the island was partitioned, a suggestion disputed by Turkish authorities.

Litsa Taliadorov, 43, a Greek Cypriot who came to Britain

27 years ago, spent 20 days on hunger strike. She lost two uncles, and her brother lost his home when his village fell under Turkish controls. 'I still love Cyprus, and that is why we are here, to remind people what has happened and to call for justice, she said.

One of the most recent recruits is Harry Jones, 37, a car delivery driver from Tunbridge Wells who learnt of the protest through a Greek radio station.

'I was inspired by their suffering to help their cause. A permanent presence could help to shame Turkey into doing something, and will remind people that the issue remains '