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Ethan Hawke, the 24-year old star of the impossibly beguiling Before Sunrise, has his first novel published on Monday by Flamingo Press. The Hottest State is about a young actor and his experiences of love, loss and rejection. Statements claiming coincidental resemblance between author and subject will doubtless follow forthwith.

Got a great idea for an invention that will change the world? Unable to convince your mates of its incredible business potential? It might be time to put the sticky back plastic to use, as this year's Great British Innovation and Inventions fair, at the Barbican from 6 to 9 March, features the Mathmos Floogelbinder Challenge award, a competition for slightly wacky but potential-rich inventions. But don't expect instant riches: first prize is a giant lava lamp. Info (01202 762252)

American photographer Glen E Friedman opens an exhibition of his latest work at London's ICA on 24 January. The images from skater, rap, punk and other street trends are to be entitled F*** You All.