Eleanor McKenzie `Reiki' Writer
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ONE OF the things I've always wanted to do is buy a villa or mansion, somewhere nice and hot - I've got one pinned up at the moment on my fridge, in Cap d'Antibes - and form a community of therapists where people can come for stress relief and a creative break, whatever their income. I imagine not more than 20 people living there, but with accommodation for a small number of people at any time to come and be part of the permanent community.

The environment is important - warm but not too hot. I'd obviously have Reiki therapists, also massage, rebirthing and colour therapy. I'd call in a feng shui expert to create the right atmosphere. Light, air and colour are the most important qualities.

I'd also like to set up a centre, perhaps in an inner city, where complementary therapy and treatment are more affordable. Lottery money could also be used to set up a central information centre and a university foundation to fund research into Reiki and complementary therapy and help medical students study them.

And my friends: I would give them trips on Concorde or round-the-world tickets. I've always wanted to fly on Concorde to New York. I'd also go to Japan, because that's the birthplace of Reiki, for at least three months.

My day job is to work as a writer so winning the lottery would enable me to write whatever I wanted. At the moment I just write health-related material.

I'd live at the therapy centre, but when in London, I'd like to live in Little Venice in a house in a Georgian terrace overlooking the canal.

I would probably carry on playing the lottery. I play occasionally at the moment. I've tried everything, including using a pendulum, to try to predict the numbers. My favourite numbers are my birthday and my son's birthday. You're not supposed to use a pendulum to try to predict the numbers. You ask the pendulum which numbers will come up next week by holding the pendulum over the lottery card and going through each of the numbers in turn. I've given up doing this as I've realised that it doesn't work at all.

Diona Gregory interviewed Eleanor McKenzie, who has a Reiki practice in London. Her book, `Reiki', is published by Hamlyn at pounds 14.99.