Flora Williams, 77, retired teacher "My excess hair. I've been plagued by it all my life. If it's not on my legs it's on my chin. I'd like there to be a cream you could use or a tablet to take - a pretty selective tablet, though, because I'd want my hairdo to stay in tact."

Catherine Bates, 33, financial marketing officer "My posture and the length of my legs. I love the idea of some expert taking an improved me from a computer image to make a mould for me to step into. By some kind of hardening of my muscles I'd step out a straighter, slimmer me."

Richard Barnes, 11 "I want to be taller, so I'd drink a special medicine I'd invent called XB49 which would make my legs longer."

Nick Pritchard, 38, actor "In Total Recall there's a scene where a secretary changes the colour of her nails with a pen. It would be brilliant if you could change your eye, hair and skin colour like this and would be perfect for me as an actor. Also, I hate shaving so I'd love there to be a way of stopping facial hair from growing."

Shane, 25, model "I'd like a spare face. I'd keep it in the fridge, so it's all nice and fresh to put on in the morning after a wild night. That way you'd always beautiful! It would be made of simulated flesh (yuk!) and maybe you could attach it with hi-tech Velcro!"

Duncan Goodhew, 39, swimmer, 100m Gold medallist in 1980 Olympics "A suntan looks great, but these days you're not allowed to lie in the sun because of damage to your skin. I have a particular problem because, having a bald head, I can't stay out in the sun for too long. To have a tan and not be affected by the sun would be terrific. We all have parts that we'd change if it were simple and painless. I look at my legs and think, if only they were longer, I might be able to swim faster."

Andrew Barnes, 7 "I want better feet because they're all boney. I'd put some fake feet on or rub in some cream to make them bigger."

Amanda Barrow, 29, costume designer "I'd take a pill that could hydrate my skin so I wouldn't have to keep drinking water. I'd like the pill to come from herbs rather than chemicals; I hope hi-tech things will be achieved with natural ingredients."

Clifford Harris, 34, design student "As I get older I want to stay extremely fit and I'd rather do this through drugs rather than hard work. I'd love a 'chemical corset' that could contract your muscles - you just swallow a pill and you're toned up."