A recent survey showed that women feel forced back to work sooner than they would like / Getty Images/iStockphoto

But how in touch with everyday working mothers can a millionaire with a part-time nanny be?

A millionaire mum has revealed that the secret to her success is taking just 24 hours maternity leave. (Oh, and having a part-time nanny helps.)

As if women weren’t under enough pressure to return to work after having a baby, mum-of-five Sarah Bennett has spoken out how she returned to work just hours after giving birth.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the successful business owner revealed that she was back on her laptop in her hospital bed the very next morning.

“There’s no real secret to it beyond hard work and determination,” she said.

“The one lesson I’ve learned is never to be afraid of change. You have to keep evolving.”

Having made it to number 938 in the Sunday Times Rich List of the wealthiest 1,000 people in the UK, Bennett and her husband Steve unsurprisingly enlist the help of a nanny who looks after their children four days a week. 

While the newspaper highlights that she ‘clearly doesn’t spend her weekends ploughing through the family ironing.’

Sarah Bennett who owns a successful jewellery business says she took just 24 hours maternity leave

“I’ve always been honest about the fact that if I didn’t have help, I’d never have been able to work like I do, let alone have such a big family,’ she explained.

"I’m always back at work as soon as they’ve gone to bed, and of course, I’ve felt guilty about not playing board games with them or having tons of spare time with them. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t."

But, despite insisting that she understands the pressure women feel to be brilliant at everything – motherhood, work, being a partner and looking good – how in touch with everyday working mothers can a millionaire with a part time nanny be?

Of course, it’s all relative. While some mums struggle to make the bed in the morning others are maintaining and even advancing in their careers.


The mother of five enlists the help of a nanny four days a week

But, the pressure on women to return to work quickly if they want to stay on top of their game is completely uncalled-for. 

Sure, there have undoubtedly been positive moves by employers to make becoming a parent easier in recent years but worryingly a growing number of women are cutting their leave short out of fear that they will lose their job.

In a recent survey conducted the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), a shocking 45 per cent of women said they were forced back to work sooner than they would like following the birth of their child, with half of those citing ‘job security’ as the reason. 

So, for everyday mums the idea that you should simply just “keep evolving” isn’t true-to-life. Especially when you consider that childcare currently costs many families more than their mortgage. 

Ultimately, shouldn't women  be able to take as much maternity leave as they want, and be encouraged to do so?