For square-eyed computer crazy kids, parents might find a welcome distraction in '65 Million Years PC', the world's first electronic educational picture book - available on floppy disc. Dreamed up by dinosaur boffins from the Natural History Museum, the book contains 295 pages of interactive text intergrated with colour photographs from the museum's archives. Blow your children's minds with this hi-tech show'n'tell experience about the dinosaur world. Not only will they learn about dino facts, but added features include a bone quiz to test anatomical knowledge and an illustrated tour of the museum's palaeontology laboratory. Kids will be veloco-raptured.

65 Million Years PC runs on any IBM PC with the configuration 386SX and upwards, hard disk with at least 3Mb and Super VGA graphics. It runs under a MS-DOS environment and retails at pounds 24.99 at Virgin Megastores and the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd SW7 5BD (071-938 9388).

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