In Thing: Antoni and Alison T-shirts

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American media artist Jenny Holzer first came up with the idea of printing quirky messages in unlikely places. Now design team Antoni and Alison follow suit with a range of T-shirts and underwear with heartfelt messages upon them.

While the T-shirts are of fine quality, the messages are not - they're leaden and dumb. Inside my head is all and everything is bound to make any wearer seem unintriguing. Miracles are happening is also twee, not to mention completely untrue. But prize for most barfable goes to I'm falling deeply, deeply in love. Sorry, but anyone wandering round with this on their chest will have to graffiti in the word unrequited within days.

Antoni and Alison T-shirts from Harrod's, Browns, American Retro, Duffer of St George and Jigsaw. Long-sleeve pounds 33.75, short-sleeve pounds 27, vests pounds 21.

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