In Thing: Army trousers and dog tags

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British wars have always had a tendency to frumpiness. The Americans, however, have made a sartorial fetish of combat with bandanas, dog tags, aviator shades and camouflage trousers turning the troops into pin-ups. So it should come as no surprise that this summer Vietnam Chic is in. Army surplus store Lawrence Corner has

been selling Army fatigues to crusties for the past 41 years, but suddenly London's young trendies are hot for them. Shop manageress Deborah has seen it all before. 'The designers come down here to snoop around and look at our originals, and then design their own outrageously expensive versions. Every few years, this shop gets rediscovered and we get inundated. It goes full circle.' Their sand-coloured camouflage trousers are selling straight out of the box - so hurry before peace breaks out.

Sand-coloured camouflage trousers cost pounds 16.98, dog tags pounds 4.69.

Lawrence Corner, 62 Hampstead Rd NW1

(071-813 1010) Mon-Sat 9.30am-6pm

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