In Thing: Beaded curtains

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The stuff of Mexican restaurants and bad Seventies movies (Bond, Dirty Harry, et al), the beaded curtain has always been America's white trash gesture to glamour. 'They're extremely rare in this country,' says Paul Spencer, owner of kitsch trading centre Wong Singh Jones. 'Factories in China and other parts of Asia are still making them and occasionally a shipment arrives at the docks here. That's where we stumbled across these. They're a classic from the Seventies and are a hot seller.' A must for those who love Roseanne, flavoured lip gloss, tube tops and white bread. Especially if you live in a trailer.

Beaded curtains cost pounds 7.90 and pounds 12.90 at Wong Singh Jones, 253 Portobello Rd W11 (071-792 2001) Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm/Sun 11am-5pm

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