Six years after the death of Yuppiedom, Bioplus, a pep drink aimed at 'career-orientated achievers' has hit chemists' shelves with a slick New Age ad campaign in which great pains have been taken to be 'relevant' to the Nineties. It comes as either syrup or tablet. The syrup is cherry brandyish and awful, but the tablets, which you drop in water, make a refreshing tangerine-flavoured fizzy drink. This drink is supposed to be an energising pick-me-up cocktail of caffeine and vitamins. Whether it will catch on with stressed City stiffs remains to be seen. Ravers, on the other hand definitely like it.

Bioplus costs pounds 3.49 for a 200ml bottle and pounds 2.39 for 10 tablets. Available at branches of Lloyds chemists and other independent chemists.

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