In Thing: Butthead

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Banish boring moments from your life with Butthead, a game for the intellectually challenged. Consisting of rather fetching bright orange and yellow Aussie iron-man headgear covered in Velcro strips and a Velcro ball, Butthead entails tying said hat to some sucker's bonce and then throwing balls at it. Sound silly and senseless? Worse. Not only is this hat guaranteed to make a supermodel look like a dork, but the sight of someone with their head covered in Velcro balls tends to inspire tears of laughter and hours of infantile behaviour. While the game actually comes with instructions, such stabs at order are a pointless excerise. Unless, of course, you want to use Butthead as a way of settling who does the washing-up and other household disputes.

Butthead costs pounds 9.99 from Hamleys, 188-196 Regent St 1R (071-734 3161) Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm/Thurs 10am-8pm/Sat 10am-7pm/Sun 12pm-6pm.

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