Part Vivienne Westood orb, part Comic Relief nose - the latest gotta-have naff car accessory for the style-obssessed is that degraded royal symbol, the crown. Prized most by the BMW-driving ragga crowd, these garish red and gold plastic air fresheners are suddenly (and mysteriously) the ultimate in car glamour. 'They're big with the camp New York-cum-Compton Street scene who think they're kitsch and fab,' says importer Emma Bernhard. 'And ragga kids love them. The crown has macho connotations and says 'Hey, I'm the king'. All the taxi drivers down in Brixton have them now.' While some glow in the dark, all should make your car smell - of jasmine, no less.

Crowns cost pounds 9.99 at American Retro, 35 Old Compton St W1V

(071-734 3477) Mon-Sat 10.15am-7pm

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