London's answer to cult French recycle designer king Xuly Bet is Darryl Black. Once a stylist who worked for Blitz, Darryl jacked styling in for more creative satisfaction and began raiding Oxfam and charity shops for material for her designs. These are wonderful patchwork scarf dresses (she did them before Jones, at a tenth of the price), trousers and skirts made from old suits, and wonderful army trousers made from towels and whatever else might lie to hand.

While recycled designer fashion is not a new idea, somehow Darryl's clothes are the first that seem chic: catwalk creations rather than a Glastonbury bedspread masquerading as a dress.

Darryl Black's clothes are available from her stall under the tent at Portobello market, Portobello Road W11. Saturdays 7am-6pm. Or call her on 071-916 2014 for information

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