In thing: Lawler Duffy silver loafers

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Lawler Duffy's silver loafers are not only trashy and vulgar, they are also rare. The first order to come in to Jones sold out before they hit the shelves. A second order has arrived and is being snapped up, anxious customers calling ahead to put down a deposit. Retailing at pounds 142.50 a pair (sizes 4-7), these shoes are deliriously impractical and outrageously expensive. 'Who cares if they're impractical?' says a proud owner. 'The're very cool and funky to wear with jeans. They're street cred.' Right.

Lawler Duffy silver loafers available exclusively at Jones, 15 Floral St, WC2 (071- 379 4299) Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm/Sun 1pm-6pm.

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