'They're very dated,' says Louise Jackson about her scarves. 'I want them to look old-fashioned. Not like something that's very 1994.' And the hand-dyed velvet scarves do look like prizes salvaged from a vintage drama cupboard. Among them a long thin Twenties-ish butterfly scarf which widens at the ends, and a chic, black Garboesque opera coat scarf with secret pockets (for love letters, smelling salts and purloined trinkets). All are rich high-style 'must haves' for posers, prima donnas and party goers.

Louise Jackson scarves cost between pounds 60 and pounds 100 at Harrods, 87-135

Knightsbridge SW1 (071-730 1234) Mon/Tues/Sat 10am-6pm/Weds-Fri 10am-7pm

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