While some wear their hearts on their sleeves, a new concept is wearing it on your finger. Jewellery designer Georgie Mortimer has embalmed those treasured childhood sherbert Love Hearts in plastic heart-shaped glittery rings: the height (or depths) of kitsch. While most flash coy romantic messages like 'Angel Face', 'Pussy Foot' and 'In Love' at your beloved, others aren't so sweet. 'Fuck Face', for instance, reflects an entirely different mood. Either way, the rings are dashing out of Janet Fitch's groovy Soho store to adorn the grubby paws of the capital's clubbers and liggers.

Loveheart rings cost pounds 13.

Janet Fitch, 25a Old Compton Street, W1. (071-287 3789) Mon-Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 1pm-6pm.

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