In Thing: Meet the man who bolts vegetables together

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Bob and Roberta Smith: Don't Hate, Sculpt.

13-26 October. Chisenhale Gallery, 64 Chisenhale Road, London E3 5QZ

Love to hate modern art? Then you'll either love or hate Bob and Roberta Smith's forthcoming exhibition, which aims to "bring anarchy to people's perception of art".

Indeed, deciphering the press release alone was an exercise in anarchic deconstruction. The exhibit consists of the antics of six different artistic "personalities", all created by Bob and Roberta Smith.

Their mission is to convince the onlooker of the necessity of art. There's the man who paints things orange, a woman who grows potatoes, a man whose creative energies are spent bolting vegetables together, another who provides instruction on how to make custard. Onlookers are invited to join in the creative process.