It had to happen. Someone decided to breed a skateboard with a pair of roller skates. And lo, the Snakeboard was born. Two separate wheeled booties connected by a crossbar. As a result the only motion you can muster on it is a duck-bottomed roller tic-tac. Or is it a sidewinding snake kind of motion? Hence its name, we suppose.

Either way, the Snakeboard is hip and about to be to the coming winter what roller blading was to last summer. Big. So big that last week the first 'Pepsi Max World Snake Board Championships' happened in Guernsey.

'It's a radical sport,' says James Fisher, the 24-year-old South African who invented the Snakeboard. 'You're constantly having to compete against yourself. It's very character building.'

Snakeboards range in price from pounds 39-pounds 135 for either learner or sports boards. Snakeboard UK hotline (071-835 1174) for your nearest stockist.

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