In Thing: Sole soothers

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At last, some clever designer has realised that we want to wear flip- flops, but need a reason other than the distinctly unfashionable advantage of comfort. Flip-flops conjure visions of flourescent toe thongs and thick black plastic soles, but this image is banished by Okabashi sandals. They are designed to stimulate the pressure points on your feet with "massage beads". Good for stress relief, it means you can still pound the streets, but rushing to work can be beneficial because at the same time your aches, pains and tensions are magically kneaded away. These also keep to the first requirement of style, which is that they are designed to attract attention they come in Luscious Lime, Bahama Blue, Lemon Drop, Outrageous Orange and Raging Raspberry. Ideal for clubbing, swimming, and any antics on an average night out for the type of person who would wear flourescent shoes in the first place.

Price pounds 12.99; for mail-order stockists call 0171 580 9545.