In thing: Starfish candles

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For that post-holiday candle-lit bath, Wax Lyrical have just the thing.

Pearly white and knobbly starfish shaped candles to remind you of those distant sandy shores.

'They look beautiful when lit,' says one aspiring mermaid.

'They send light shimmering off my bathroom walls, and you can bask in a seaworld-ish watery light.'

Oops, here comes the Japanese whaling fleet. . .

An unusual gift, or simply something to splash out on, the starfish candles cost pounds 3.50 small and pounds 4.95 large.

Wax Lyrical, 125 King's Rd,

London SW3 (071-376 7084) Mon-Sat 9.30am-6pm/Sun 12noon-5.30pm.

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