Try DR Harris' extremely effective Pick Me Up. In a small old-fashioned chemist, nestling quietly in the heart of London's gentleman's clubland, understanding staff will serve you a glass of this mixture over the counter mixed with a small Vitamin C tablet for extra measure. The tonic, a blend of tinctures (alcoholic substances), was concocted back in 1850 and works on the old hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you theory. And it works. Clubbers who've been out all night have discovered this olde worlde brew; fugged-up party animals are a common sight staggering into this genteel little shop first thing in the morning. Alternatively, you can buy a bottle to quaff in the comfort of your own home.

Dr Harris Pick Me Up costs pounds 5.10 for 100ml at DR Harris and Co Ltd, 29 St James St SW1 (071-930 3915). Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm/Sat 9.30am-5pm.

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