In Thing: Superman T-shirts

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Office daydreamers and Clark Kent types can now fulfil that Superman-quick-change-phone-booth fantasy. Simply don one of HMV's Superman T-shirts under your regular office garb, find a suitable outlet and proceed to strip off.

Alternatively, you can just wear the T-shirt and be yourself. Though you won't be unique. The 'S logo, unmistakeably connected to the do-gooder dude in trunks and tights, was a favourite T-shirt in the Seventies. And, now, as with almost everything else that was hip then, it has been rediscovered and recycled.

Since the T-shirts first hit the shelves two months ago, HMV have been selling 1,000 a month, mainly to Superman fanatics and young (those not alive when the first time these T-shirts were trendy) clubbers. Up, up and away and all that.

Superman T-shirts cost pounds 9.99 from HMV shops.

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