Summer means surfing for London's small but ardent surf community. Keen urban surfies will be sizing up new boards for the season. The buzz has it that Ocean Magic boards, designed by top British shaper and ex-European champion Nigel Semmens, are the most dependable. The boards can be bought off the shelf (by beginners) or custom made to order. This would include everything from design specifics to a snazzy (or plain) paint job. They cost no more than off the peg boards and take about three weeks to make. 'Semmens is aware of new design concepts and his boards are of a consistently high standard,' says Ollie Fitz Jones, co-owner of Low Pressure, London's only surf shop.

Ocean Magic boards cost pounds 295 at Low Pressure, 186 Kensington Park Rd W11 (071-792 3134) Mon-Sat 10am-6pm/ Sun 11am-5pm.

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