'I wanna move my penis around to the

back side of my ass. I don't know which

way I want to swing it so I wanna keep it

just in case.'

Can that be done? A prank call pervert? No, just The Jerky Boys, a pair of sometimes funny, sometimes irritating wise guys who jerk off innocent New Yorkers listed in the classified columns. Their taped calls have achieved a cult following as well as a career and bucket load of moolah for telephone terrorists Johnny B and Kamal (pseudonyms).

Full of crude, abusive, wild humour that makes Jeremy Beadle look (almost) charming, the pranks that The Jerky Boys pull are the height of vulgar masochism. Even so, characters like Camp Sid get into your psyche.

The Jerky Boys costs pounds 11-pounds 13 for a CD and pounds 8.50-pounds 10 per (Photograph omitted)

cassette tape from most good record shops.