In thing: Trevor's clever wee box

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Tired of being one headline away from the full story? The News Information Service addition to BT's EasyReach pagers is a must have for the media clan and those on a quest for one-upmanship. At last it has happened that with this news service the pager will put one over the mobile phone brigade who like to think that pagers are poorer, and with mobile users tendancy to arrogance it is often thought that pagers are also the more stupid relatives. This free addition - mobile users look out - updates regularly throughout the day with all the headline stories, often before they reach the news-stands. A perfect solution to cut through the information superhighway with some ready-made soundbites that are really quite clever too.

The BT EasyReach Alpha messager costs pounds 69.99. For further information and local stockists call Freefone 0800 66 77 67.